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The photos on this page were taken 8/12-8/17 in the Portland area. Click on a picture to get a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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These photos was taken on the way to an after-work hike on August 12 with Shalu, Bill, and I on a trail near Multnomah Falls. This was taken at Vista House on historic Highway 30 in the Columbia River Gorge.
This is facing east.
This is facing west into a bright sunset.

From 8/16 till 8/20, my family came up to visit from Citrus Heights. We did many things in those 5 days, including this trip to the Gorge on 8/16.
I think this is Latourell Falls. The photo turned out blurred but looks interesting, so I leave it on here.
I think this falls is Horsetail Falls.

These photos were taken at Rocky Butte Park on the afternoon of 8/16. There is a large platform here for getting a good look at the surrounding area. The best panoramic view I've found in Portland.
To the northeast, the Columbia River and Mt. St. Helens.
I think this photo is to the west.
To the SSW, Mt. Tabot.
To the east, Mt. Hood and NE Portland.

This was taken in the Shakespeare area of the Portland International Rose Test Garden on Sunday, 8/17.
Compare that with this photo I took on July 6th. (More rose garden photos from that day.)

These were taken at the Pittock Mansion on August 17. It was the residence of the founder of The Oregonian newspaper in NW Portland.
The front of the mansion.
A view of the Port or Portland, the Willamette River from the mansion grounds
There are some nice flowers on the grounds.
Downtown Portland, City Center
More nice flowers.

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