Family trip to the coast

When my family was visiting, we made a trip to the Northern Oregon Coast on 8/18/97. These photos were taken there. Click on a picture to get a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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This photo was taken from the Astoria Tower. The tower is 125 feet tall and overlooks the NW corner of Oregon, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. This looks at that point.
This is looking down at my Mom, Dad, and others on the ground at my maximum zoom. Don't go up there is you are afraid of heights and think twice if you have a nervousness about stairs.
I think this is to the southeast.
My family at the base of the tower.
This is at Fort [mumble] near Astoria. Lewis and Clark made winter camp here. This is a reproduction of the Fort and the original site.
These photos are from Cannon Beach.
A popular place, even on a Monday.
Farther south on highway 101.

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