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The photos on this page were taken 6/13/97-6/26/97. Click on a picture to get a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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These pictures are of my trip to Hillsboro from Davis.
This photo is taken from a rest area on I-5.
I took this picture of Mount Shasta while driving, so the quality is surprising.
This one turned out even better. About 370 miles left to go.
I took this photo of Mount Shasta from a lunch stop I made in Weed, CA.
This is typical of the roadside scenery in Oregon.

The weekend I moved up to Hillsboro was the weekend of the Hillsboro Air Show, part of Portland's Festival of Roses. The following are pictures take from my bedroom of the Blue Angels. The foreground show some of my apartment complex, Jackson School Village. I could see more than 180 degrees around from my bedroom's windows.
Yow! I felt the building shake with that one and some other passes.
These two pictures were taken from the pool area on Sunday, the next day.

These 6 photos are from a Intel intern whitewater rafting trip on 6/21. We went on the Deschutes river near Maupin.
This photo was take at the end of the trip, when we got off the river.
About 60 interns went on this trip.
These 4 photos were on the bus trip back, which passed by some of the river that we traversed. This photo shows some nice scenery that we passed by on the trip.
The river was fast and high that day.
Well, we didn't actually go down this part of the river.
This part either; the trip stuck to class 3-4 stretches, not class 5.

These photos were taken from Council Crest Park in Portland, OR at sunset on June 24, 1997. Council Crest is the highest point in Portland, at around 1100 feet. On a clear day it offers a view of several of the mountains in the area and the city.
I think this photo shows Mt. St. Helens with its no-longer-pointed cap.
This may be Mount Hood, east of Portland.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get a photo of the sun itself as it was setting.
The city. I'll be sure to go back here later in the summer when visibility is better.

The intern welcome party was held at the Portland zoo.
Afterwards, there was a concert featuring blues great Luther Allison. See also this photo, taken by someone else.

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