Yosemite Half Dome Hike 1998

From August 21st through the 23rd, 1998, I camped at Yosemite with some friends so that we could hike up to the top of Half Dome on the 22nd. The hike was quite grueling, being close to twenty miles round trip, with an elevation gain on the way in from about 4000 feet up to about 8800 feet, with about 13000 feet of ups and downs (round trip). We were all quite exhausted and sore after it was over. I of course took my camera and got some great pictures, which will share will you all on this page. Click on a picture to receive a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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On the way to the trailhead.
I believe this is Yosemite Falls.

From the trailhead to just before Nevada Fall
Mount Starr King from the near the trailhead
I believe this is Liberty Cap.
the first view of Nevada Fall
Getting closer to Nevada Fall
We got wet along the trail from water dripping off a cliff and here we cross some water.

We rested for a bit at Nevada Fall.
Liberty Cap in the foreground, Mt. Broderick in the middle, and Half Dome behind. Quite a ways to go yet as the trails heads about one more mile to the right (East) before heading North then Southwest.
the Merced river above the fall
Liberty Cap
People stop here to cool down.

Between Nevada Fall and lunch stop (this was a tough part of the trail with ups and down and the higher altitude starting to take its toll on the oxygen supply)
A deer right by the trail.

I stopped for lunch at a clearing about a mile from the top
Looking down, the Tenaya Canyon
Halfdome at the top and its shoulder mostly hidden by a tree.

Up to the shoulder
The shoulder was where I stopped. To get to the very top (shown), a pair of cables is provided to make the 45 degree climb.
That's me there.
Looking to the North, Anwiyah Point and Quarter Domes. This was the direction of accent.
looking Eastward
Little Yosemite Valley
Looking generally Southwest.
A lizard
Looking down
How did that squirrel get up here at about 8500 feet?

On the way back down
The base of the shoulder. There is large stone stab steps above this that are tiring at this high elevation.
The sunset from Nevada Fall
The Fall again.

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