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The photos on this page were taken on 7/13/97 around Portland. Click on a picture to get a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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These photos were taken in the sunken rose gardens in Peninsula Park in Portland. OR.
Ground level for the roses is about 6 feet lower than the surrounding area. You can see most of the garden.
There are some nice roses here.

These photos were taken in SW Portland.
See Mt. Hood in the background and the city in the foreground.
The river. The Portland Spirit dinner boat is on the right.
These photos were taken at Waterfront Park. This park is on the west bank of the Willamette River. Here some kids playing in a fountain.
This is at the Ira Keller Fountain Park. Apparently a popular place to play on Sunday with good weather.
(Trying to use up a roll here.) A war memorial.

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