Mirror Lake Hike, 7/26/97

These photos were taken on a hiking trip to Mirror Lake and Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain. This is very near Mt. Hood and I got some good photos of it. The weather was great that day and the trip was very enjoyable. Thanks to Ken for organizing the trip.

Click on a picture to get a larger version. You might also want to check out Darius's very nice photographs of the hike. Enjoy -- Jim
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These two photos were taken roadside at the trailhead.
The larger version show the moon better.
This is Mirror Lake. Only about an easy 1.5 miles in.
Mt. Hood from Mirror Lake.
There were people swimming, so the lake wasn't a perfect mirror, but it was still very nice.
Mt. Hood, Mirror Lake, and me. Thanks to Helen for taking the shot.
This was naturally a popular place to take photos. Jesh seems surprised to be shot here. He just though he was shooting.
More of Mt. Hood from the lake.
Excellent shot.
This was taken farther along the trail.
Past a certain point in the trail, we started seeing wildflowers.
Caught a ladybug here.
We stopped at the top of Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain for lunch and a rest. I think we were on the Harry part. I'm glad I had sunscreen since there was no shade up there, as some poochs (dogs) found out. This photo shows Mirror Lake and Mt. Hood.
I think this is Mt. Adams.
Mt. Jefferson, I presume.
The other part of Tom, Dick, and Harry mountain.

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