The Philippines: Bohol (1)

This page and the following two contain some pictures from our visit to Bohol, including the airport and the Panglao Island Nature Resort. This is from our trip to the Philippines in January 2005. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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While visiting the Philippines, we flew down to the island of Bohol for 3 days and 2 nights. Bohol is in the Philippines' Visayas island group.
This sign claims Bohol as the "number one tourist destination". I'm not sure what the basis for the claim is, though Bohol certainly is a nice place to visit.
The Philippine Airlines plane we flew over on.

We stayed at the Panglao Island Nature Resort. Panglao Island is a smaller island just south of Bohol, connected by a bridge.
The patio of our upstairs room. There were 4 units in the building we stayed in.
The view from the patio. You can see Bohol in this picture.
The building with the reception area.
They have a restaurant there. This is the roof of the eating area.
What they call the endless pool. (There is actually a gap and elevation drop between the pool and the sea.
We enjoyed playing ping pong and billiards there. We bought a ping pong table after getting back home to California.
The beach that's part of the resort.
View of Bohol.

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31 December 2005
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