The Philippines: Bataan

This page (and the next) contains some pictures from Bataan province. This page includes the march marker, Subic Bay, JEST camp demonstration, and zoo. This is from our trip to the Philippines in January 2005. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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Some photos from the main road from Pampanga to Bataan.
Some of you may remember hearing about (or perhaps witnessing) the Bataan Death March, a forced 100 mile march of poorly nourished American and Filipino troops near the end of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during WWII. This went through Bataan and Pampanga. There are markers every kilometer along the route. Here is kilometer post 69.
Some scenery along the road.

The Subic Bay area used to be a US naval base but is now being developed for tourism.
Pictures of Subic Bay.

Subic Bay is home to the Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp. Run by the Philippine military, it teaches people how to survive in the jungle.
Here, a native demonstrates the uses of bamboo.
Using bamboo as a spoon.
It can be used as a meat cooker.
Or as a rice cooker.
Green bamboo can have clean water inside.
Making fire with bamboo. The idea is to make an enclosed area to hold the kindling while the fire gets started.
You can start the fire with friction.

They have a small zoo at the JEST Camp.
I don't think this is a Philippine Eagle.
Some monkeys.

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31 December 2005
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