The Philippines: Bohol (3)

This is the third of three pages of pictures from Bohol. This page includes the Chocolate Hills, a Loboc River tour, and Tarsiers. This is from our trip to the Philippines in January 2005. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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As part of our tour of Bohol, we visited the Chocolate Hills. The Chocolate Hills are an unusual set of over 1000 mound-shaped hills. The name comes from the brown color of the grass during the dry season.
First glimpse of the Chocolate Hills.
Base of the stairs leading to an observation point on one of the taller hills.
There used to be 213 steps leading to the top, but they added one more for romance's sake. ("2/14" is Valentine's day.)
View from the observation platform.
Yeah, that's me, with the post saying "May peace prevail on Earth" in different languages.
The origin of the hills is not certain though there are a few scientific theories. A leading theory is they are weathered formations of a kind of marine limestone laying on the top of impermeable clay soil.

Another part of our tour was a trip on the Loboc River. This was a nice trip, which included a generous meal including a fresh cut coconut to drink.
The trip is on a barge pushed by a smaller boat.
A guitarist was playing various kinds of music on the trip.
The end of the upriver part of the tour is some cascading water (technically not quite waterfalls).
15 second Quicktime video clip of the "waterfall". Click to load and play (4.1 MB)
15 second Quicktime video clip of the trip down the river to music. Click to load and play (4.2 MB)
Going down the river.
The boat pushing ours.

Bohol is known for its endangered Philippine Tarsiers. Tarsiers are the some of the smallest primates in the world, with large immobile eyes. In Corella, they have a few of these Tarsiers out on display.
Tarsiers are nocturnal insect eaters. Supposedly these tarsiers have adapted to be diurnal.
They even let you feed these tarsiers via a stick.

A view from the road leading to Panglao Island from Bohol.
This is near Targbilaran.

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31 December 2005
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