The Philippines: Tagaytay

Here are some pictures from Tagaytay, including Mt. Taal and Sonya's Garden. We took a day trip from there from Manila, during our trip to the Philippines in January 2005. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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Driving down to Tagatay. I think this is San Pablo.
A large can of Coke, presumably at a bottling facility for Coca-Cola products.

Mt. Taal is an active volcano inside a lake (Lake Taal). Taal Volcano is one of the smallest and most active in the world.
The volcano was pretty quiet the day we visited. The Starbucks offers a pretty decent view, though there is also supposed to be official vista spot from a higher elevation. Enjoy these pictures.
A note though about visiting the Philippines. The kidnap-for-ransom rate is higher most other parts of the world, especially of whites and Chinese. A German student was kidnapped from this parking lot the day before we visited; he was returned unharmed. Many or most businesses in the Philippines have security guards.

Also in Tagatay is a nice restaurant called Sonya's. Quite a find, it is a restaurant in a garden.
The dining area is in a conservatory. The menu is delicious though there isn't an actual menu-- every table gets the same food items though diners have room for mixing and matching.
The grow all their own fruits and vegetables.
The garden.

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31 December 2005
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