Queen Mary area and Disneyland

In early March 2000 I took a week long trip to LA and San Diego. Here are some pictures of the Queen Mary, the Russian Scorpion submarine, treasures of Peter the Great, and Disneyland from March 11th and 12th. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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These pictures are of an USSR submarine called the Scorpion that is exhibited next to the Queen Mary.
The missile compartment.
Other parts of the interior.
Back topside, looking down the length of the sub.

On part of the Queen Mary, they had an exquisite collection of the valuables from Peter the Great, in a exhibit they called "Treasures of the Last Russian Emperor". Excuse the quality of these photos; as is common in museums and galleries, flash photography was not allowed.
If I read the label right, this is called "Mother of God", an icon from Kacanskaya (Kasekstan now, to the West?).
A wonderful golden icon given to Peter the Great by Tibet. It is breathtaking in person.

The renowned Queen Mary.
The ticket station.
This wonderful work shows the current location of ship and time of day and depictions of buildings and ships. Like everything on board, it is ornate, especially for its day.
That's me near the bow.

I visited Disneyland with some friends on March 12th, as my last stop before the drive back to Davis.
It's a Small World.
I was too busy having fun to take many pictures. Skipping ahead to the parade at night.
You might recognize some of these Disney characters.
The entrance as we left.
Well, that's it for this trip. You did see all the pictures from the LA/San Diego trip, didn't you?

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20 April 2000
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