San Diego Wild Animal Park (part 1)

In early March 2000 I took a week long trip to LA and San Diego. Part of this was the San Diego Wild Animal Park on March 9th. This is the first of two pages of pictures from there.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is not your traditional zoo, as you will see in these pictures. While there are some cages and small enclosures, the focus is on large enclosures (ten of acres) with multiple species. They have been quite successful at breeding endangered species this way.

Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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The pictures on this page are from a tram ride around the large enclosures. (Let me know if you can identify any of the species I have here.)
Some elephants.
This is part of the East Africa area.
I forget the name of the species, but these animals are believed to be the origin of the unicorn myth, since it looks like they have one horn when viewed in profile.
A rhinosaraus with newborn.
More rhinos
Several species here.
There are reportedly hundreds of animals on this rocky hillside. I see 14 in this picture. How many do you see?
Some vultures.
Notice how the giraffe has to spread its legs to drink. It is also difficult for them to sit, which is why you don't see them doing so too often, but there is one in this photo.
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20 April 2000
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