San Diego Wild Animal Park (part 2)

In early March 2000 I took a week long trip to LA and San Diego. Part of this was the San Diego Wild Animal Park on March 9th. This is the second of two pages of pictures from there. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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This page of photos from the Wild Animal Park is mostly from walking around. Be sure to check out pictures from the tram too.
I think these three photos are from the tram though. The birds take to flight!
Some apes.
Some leaf-cutting ants in the butterfly enclosure.
Do you see the butterfly here? Notice the subtle camouflage.
They had ducks, of course too.
The duck with the blue bill caught my attention.
Some apes having lunch in this nice enclosure.
A vulture acting threatening. They are strictly scavengers though.
In the giraffe feeding area.
A toucan.
Some elephants.
The park also has a botanical area. See these nice flowers.
A Thuja occidental emerald tree.
Some bonsai trees they exhibit.
Where do I go from here? Join me at the San Diego Harbor.

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20 April 2000
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