Memorial Park, Glendale, and Hollywood

In early March 2000 I took a week long trip to LA and San Diego. Here are some pictures of Memorial Park, Glendale, and Hollywood March 6th and 7th. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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These photos are from the Memorial Park area of Los Angeles on March 6.
This fountain is outside the LA County Museum of Natural History.
This is across the street at the Fisher Gallery at the University of Southern California. The inscription about the doorway reads: "The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine appreciation".
These trees are south of there. I'm not sure what kind they are.
This is LA Museum of Science and Technology.

These photos are from the Glendale area on the evening of March 6th.
I was early in visiting a friend, so I decided to take advantage of the sunset and these palm trees.

How could I not go to Hollywood while I was down? These photos are from along Hollywood Blvd on March 7th.
The famous walk of stars that lines the street.
The Mann Chinese Theatre with some unfortunate promotional obstruction.
Next, I went to the Getty ....

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20 April 2000
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