The Bahamas: New Plymouth

Here are some pictures from the town of New Plymouth, on the island of Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas. This is from our Honeymoon in the Bahamas November 2001. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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Here are some pictures from around New Plymouth. New Plymouth is the only town on the island, and was settled by British Loyalists (opponents of independence) during the American Revolutionary War. I'm not sure if they were from the Massachusetts colony. New Plymouth is a small, quiet, and friendly town.
A sign welcoming you to the town from the rest of the island.
A map of the town and island.
Looking down into town as you approach it.
The harbor area.
A sign welcoming you to town if you arrive by boat.
They had the Bahamas and US flag flying. Not sure why they had the US flag flying, except perhaps out of sympathy for 9/11.
These next seven pictures are from the side of town opposite the harbor.
Some of the town's residences.
That's me at the wheel of a rented golf cart. (I didn't knock the fence down, in case you were wondering.)
The west edge of town (i.e. the Abaco Sea).
A rooster that was crossing the road.
The Wrecking Tree restaurant. We had a great lunch there.
The Rooster's Rest restaurant, where we had a different meal.
One of the water taxis that takes you to and from Great Abaco.

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22 March 2006
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