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Here are some pictures I took on the Arboretum at the University of California, Davis on April 1st and 8th, 1998. Click on the picture to receive a larger, higher quality, version. I hope you enjoy them. -- Jim

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These pictures were taken in the late afternoon around April 1st, 1997
Some trees along the middle of the arboretum. The arboretum has a variety of trees.
A redbud swoops down towards the water. A pair of palm trees guards the way to the King Hall, where the UCD school of law is located.
Somebody was painting in this area when I took this photo.
These pictures were taken on the sunny morning of April 8th, 1998.
This is a Western Redbud. The leaves are starting to come out here, adding some green to the purple.
Lake Spafford. In the background is the Dramatic Art building.
A duck. Some baby ducks are on the island.
This is a cherry tree.
On the west side of the arboretum.
A hill with wildflowers.

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