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Here are some pictures I took on the Arboretum at the University of California, Davis on March 16th and 17th, and April 26th, 1996. Click on the picture to receive a larger, higher quality, version. I hope you enjoy them. -- Jim

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The following pictures were taken on March 16th.
Later in the year, these flowers got even more lovely.
Putah Creek.
Western Redbud.
The famous UCD water tower next to two Palm trees.
In the background is every student's favorite building, Mrak Hall, the administrative headquarters of UCD. If you to the left of that, you can see one of UCD's "egghead" sculptures.
I really need to learn to keep my shadow out of pictures I take. But note the change in color of the flowers.
Spafford lake and the most popular part of the arboretum. A great place for a picnic or to study.
Lake Spafford again.
Cacti in the "Plants of the American Desert" part of the arboretum.
These pictures were taken on March 17th.
Some of the many ducks in this part of campus.
These pictures were taken on April 26th.
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