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Here are some pictures I took on the Arboretum at the University of California, Davis on November 5th, 1996 and February 24th, 1997. Click on the picture to receive a larger, higher quality, version. I hope you enjoy them. -- Jim

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These pictures were taken on November 5th, 1996.
A couple of ducks enjoying the sun.
I think this is part of the Acacia grove.
The bridge has become covered with ivy. Compare this with April 26th.
A rose growing near the arboretum.
Sometimes you can see a large birds in this area.
A good place for a picnic. Usually a bit too cold in November though.
By the base of the UCD watertower.
These pictures were taken on February 24th, 1997. It was windy this day, so excuse the blurriness in some of the pictures.
The UCD watertower that is visible from I-80.
Some more cacti.
Cacti in bloom.
I just love the look of Western Redbuds.
Turtles are among the many species of fauna found on the arboretum. Others include ducks, seagulls, lizards, cranes and insects.

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