1995 Wildflower Hike Photos

These are some photos I took during the 1995 Wildflower Hike. This page looks best using Netscape or other browsers that support tables.

I apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos. That being said, select any of the pictures you see to receive a larger JPEG version of the photo (perhaps to see more details).

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This is a picture of two kinds of flowers that I don't know the name of.
I believe the flower pictured here is "pussy paw". It is said to be as soft as a cat's paw.
Can anyone identify this mountain? This picture was taken perhaps 3/8ths of a mile into the hike toward the left side of the trail. It might be Elephant's Back.
Some purple flower.
A population of flowers. Note the snow not too far away.
More flowers in a meadow.
Yet another variety of flower. We saw Bigfoot on the hike and I submit as proof the shadow in the upper corner this picture.
At Meiss pass, looking back where we came from. The mountain might be Elephant's Back.
At Meiss pass, looking to the left of the trail (westerly). The snow pack melted fast here -- Larry mentioned that this area was under over four feet of snow just a couple weeks prior.
At Meiss pass, looking further along the trail. If you look closely, you can see Lake Tahoe in the middle of the background.
At our lunch area. This is my friend Molly by a snow drift. There is a small waterfall not to far from here.
At our lunch area, looking toward Lake Tahoe.
This a picture taken by Robert (thanks!) of Molly and I, once again at the lunch area.

If you can identify anything in the photos that I don't mention, have corrections to what I have, or have some WWW pointers to people and places mentioned here, please drop me some e-mail (webmaster@hoagland.org).

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