July 1996 Wimp's Wildflower Hike

Here are some pictures I took on the Sacramento Regional Mensa "Wimp's Hike" on July 14, 1996. We started just below carson pass and hiked to Meiss pass and just beyond. This is in the Sierra-Nevada mountains in California, near Lake Tahoe. Click on an image to download a larger version. Enjoy. -- Jim

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This was taken from the parking lot where we started.
Larry Fields is the coordinator and leader of the hike. Thanks Larry!
There were many kinds of wildflowers along the trail. Unfortunately, I'm no botanist and can't identify the different species, so just enjoy.
Looking back toward Elephant's Back.
A great picture of Elephant's Back.
There was some snow near the trail, though none on the trail. However, we did have a hail storm on the way back in the afternoon.
Some of the clouds that contributed to the hail storm. If you look closely just below the horizon, you can see Lake Tahoe.

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