[Note: this is the outline of a WWW tutorial I gave back in '94. I retain this ony my web site out of historical interest; a snapshot in the history of the web. It's content has not been updated since 1994, aside from this note.]

Tutorial Notes

This document was developed to support a tutorial that I gave to UC Davis Security Lab folks recently. It is sketchy, but has lots of good pointers. This tutorial is divided into 4 sections:
o Mosaic
o Getting other peoples stuff
o Serving your own docs


o custimization

file: .Xdefaults
       Mosaic*confirmExit:	False
       Mosaic*fancySelections:	True
       Mosaic*visitedAnchorColor:	red
       Mosaic*activeAnchorFG:	magenta
       Mosaic*colorsPerInlinedImage: 128
       Mosaic*documentsMenuSpecfile:	/home/hoagland/menu/mosaic.documents
file: mosaic.documents
       The Common Gateway Interface
       Mosaic Fill-Out Form Support
       NCSA httpd Image Mapping
       CERN Server User Guide

Getting other peoples stuff

o External "viewers"

o Mapping file extensions to MIME types

file: .mime.types
     application/postscript  ai eps ps
     video/mpeg              mpeg mpg mpe
     audio/basic             au snd        
     application/safex-csh   csh
     application/safex-perl  pl
o Mapping MIME types to external viewers as per RFC 1524

file: .mailcap
     image/*; xv %s
     audio/*; /usr/demo/SOUND/play %s
     application/safex-csh; /home/hoagland/bin/checksafe %s csh
     application/safex-perl; /home/hoagland/bin/checksafe %s perl
o Executing shell scripts

file: checksafe
     #!/bin/csh -f
     xmessage -title "**Check This $2 Script Out For Security**" -geometry 400x400 -display sierra.cs:0.0 -buttons "Execute this file:101,Cancel:102"  $1
     if ($status == 101) then
         $2 $1 
Run Me! if you are set up to execute scripts

Serving your docs

o Where to put your files: ~/public_html

o Style

o Be sure to test your document

o Candy style

o Transparent gifs like this one [a transparent gif] and the owl-line at the bottom of the page

o CGI scripts

o Imagemap


o Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)

o Trust your browser

o Basics

o <TITLE>...</TITLE>
o <H?>
o <A HREF="URL">
o <P>
o <HR>
o <IMG>

o Lists

o <UL><LI>...</UL> for unordered lists
o <OL><LI>...</OL> for ordered lists
o <DL><DT and/or DD><IMG SRC="dot.gif" >...</DL> for candy lists

o Html-helper-mode for emacs

o Fill-out forms


Last Modified by Jim Hoagland on 12-Oct-94