Form Example

It is fairly easy to write forms.

Many of the examples here are modified version of ones found at NCSA.

     <FORM ACTION="">

This is a INPUT tag with NAME="name".

Type in your name:

     Type in your name: <INPUT NAME="name"> <P>

This in an INPUT checkbox:

Check like what you see?

     Check if you like what you see?<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="like" VALUE="IlikewhatIsee">

These are radio buttons:



     <INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="paymethod" VALUE="cash" CHECKED> Cash.<P>
     <INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="paymethod" VALUE="check"> Check.<P>

This is a SELECT tag that is single-selectable.

     <SELECT NAME="3names">
     <OPTION> Marc
     <OPTION> George

This is a the same SELECT tag that is multiple-selectable.

     <SELECT NAME="3names2" MULTIPLE SIZE=2>
     <OPTION> Marc
     <OPTION> George

This is the button that causes the form to be submitted:

     <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit Query"> <P>

There are also multiple-line text entry fields, password entry field, "hidden" fields to carry state. Imagemaps can also be put into forms and multiple forms can be put in a document.

For more info on forms, see this NCSA overview. Note especially the examples near the bottom. ---------

Last Modified by Jim Hoagland on 4-Oct-94