Family vacation 1999

Here are some pictures of my family's vacation June 25 till July 2, 1999. We camped at Grover Hot Springs State Park, near Markleville, CA, in the general area of Lake Tahoe. Click on a picture to receive a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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The park has two pools that we visited a couple times. A hot pool is treated hot spring water 102-104 degrees F and the cold pool is normal water, 78 degree F when we were there. The pictures are of the pool or from the pool area.
The hot pool is in the foreground and the cold pool is in the middle.
These three pictures look out into the meadow by the pool.
You can't really see it in this picture, but there are interesting color patterns in the wildflowers that grow in this meadow that the springs run to.
The top left of the picture shows one of the springs.

These pictures are from our campsite.
Looking toward the lower campground.
Our site.
Next to our site.

This group of photos is on Highway 88 between Minden, NV and Woodfords, CA. We traveled by here on the way to the casino in Minden.
I pulled off the road here, a few miles from California to take some pictures of cows and the mountains.
I like this photo.
This is up the road a bit, almost in California. Sage brush dominates the landscape.
There is still snow in these mountains in late June.

My dad, brother and I went on a hike to a waterfall in the park. About 4 miles round trip to and from our campsite. These photos capture parts of that.
These are near the start of the hike.
Note the small tree growing out of the rock. (You probably want to look at the larger picture to see it.)
We had climb up a few boulders on the trail. Nothing too hard, just enough to make it interesting.
Part of the creek that runs through the park.
These are of the main waterfall. I like the composite of the elements in the waterfall shots here, the water falling and how it falls through the rocks, the boulders, the reddish bark, and the green leaves.
Looking down the falls.
This fall is behind the other one a couple hundred feet. The water flow level was just right to make this an interesting scene.
This is a bit further upstream. At this point we were looking for a good place to cross the creek, so that we could come back a different way on the other side. We end up rock-hoping a few boulders to cross. No one got wet.
On the other side, behind the main falls there was this pool.
The main falls again, from the other side. More of an overview than the pictures before.
Looking the direction of down-trail.
There are fir trees. They are expected to dominate the area eventually, taking over from the Jeffery Pines.
Indian Paintbrush flowers.
That's all. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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9 July 1999

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