Grover Hot Springs '96

Hello! Here are some pictures I took at Grover Hot Springs State Park when I was camping with my family June 18-25, 1996; click on a image to get a larger JPEG version. Enjoy. -- Jim

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At our site
Our site was #7.
More of our site.

At the park's pool area
The hot pool in the park. It is treated mineral water at 106 degrees F.
The cold pool. It is nice swimming out in nature.
Taken from the area of the pool.
On of the "hot springs" from which the park got its name.

As these next 4 pictures show, the squirrels were rather bold. I'm just glad the bear wasn't so brave.
(look at the right front corner of the cabinet)
This squirrel liked to hang out under my car.
I managed to get even closer.

Mindin, Nevada
The picture was taken from Mickey Dees in Minden, Nevada.

These next three were taken from a meadow near our camp site.
Nice scenery

These next three pictures are of some boulders I enjoyed playing on when I was younger and camped here.
From the top.
Me at the top.

A hike within the park
This is the start of a hike my brother dad and I took.
On the hike.
Some snow flowers.
Some even bigger ones.
Waterfalls which were the destination of our hike.
A deeper perspective
Were the two previous pictures were taken from
These next three were from the middle of the falls at the top.
Some flowers on the way back.
Some flowers on the way back.

We left that morning.

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