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Here are some pictures of London that I took on Sunday, November 14th, 1999 and the return trip from Bristol as part of my visit to England. Click on a picture to receive a much larger, higher quality, version. Enjoy -- Jim

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On Sunday morning November 14th, I visited Hyde Park in London. Since my English renaissance Folk Dance group is called the Hyde Park Dancers, I had to visit. The group is named from a dance, which is presumedly got its name from this very park.
A map.
An ornate gate.
A tribute to Arthur Duke of Wellington by King George the 4th.
A candid shot of some bobbies looking at a monument.
There is an decent sized floral garden in the park.
An interesting tree with some horse-mounted bobbies.
The lake known as The Serpentine.
The park is used by joggers.

I'm not sure what this building is.
I think this is from the Southwark Bridge looking North.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre reconstructed near the location of the original. The reconstruction is supposed to be as authentic as possible given fire codes (i.e. more exits, sprinklers on the thatched roof).
The outside.
Inside the theatre.
The stage. Note the designs.
The guided tour.

Trafalgar Square. In the afternoon, I visited the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, both located by this square.
This reminds of a prototypical city scene if you look at the detailed version.
The other side of the square. Note Big Ben in the background.
The square is dedicated to a British naval hero Horatio, Viscount Nelson. His likeness is atop this column (about 3 times scale).

The return trip from Bristol. The workshop I attended took place in Bristol. I didn't get an opportunity to take any pictures there, but here is the return trip to London on November 17th.
Its hard to take pictures from a 125mph train. This is some of the countryside not too far East of Bristol.
Some sheep are grazing here.

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27 November 1999

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