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Here are some pictures of London that I took on Saturday, November 13th, 1999 as part of my visit to England. Click on a picture to receive a much larger, higher quality, version. Enjoy -- Jim

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When I got into London, the first placed I visited was the area of the Tower on London.
This large sundial is across the way from the tower. Along the base is squares describing the history of London, from time of the Roman occupation to modern times. Even though it was the off-tourist season, there were quite a few people visiting London. Americans, French, and Germans seem to be well represented in the tourists.

The Tower of London. Though called a tower, it is really a fortress with quite a history.
This placard points out the parts of the fortress. (You can probably read the labels when you look at the larger version of the picture.)
This grassy area used to be a moat. It was drained in the 19th century.

The Tower Bridge
From the North end of the bridge.
Looking up at the walkway.
Views from the bridge.
The Tower of London is on the left middle of this picture.

Next I visited the British Museum, which has quite a collection of art and artifacts.
These two life-size figures are the Gallery of Oriental Antiquities. This is a Buddha.
This figure, holding scrolls of your misdeeds, is the one that would argue against your admittance to heaven.
This is a bust of a Roman Emperor.
This is the Cassiobary Park Tower Clock. It was in a collection of clocks without pendulums.
A English renaissance period collection.
Some of 7 figures representing <someone help me out here, I forget>

London has a quite active nightlife. These pictures are an (mostly unsuccessful I think) attempt to capture that.
These are at Picadilly Circus.
London's Chinatown.

My hotel room in London.
It is quite expensive to lodge in England, and London in particular. This tiny room (with shared bathroom facilities) cost 35 pounds (~$57 US).

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27 November 1999

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