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This is page 3 of some pictures I took visiting Arizona in December 1998 and features photos of Taliesin West, where the architect Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked in his later life. Click on a picture to receive a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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Wright liked this view until power lines were installed.
This is the main house. Note the pillars in front of the door on the right side that do not touch the ground.
Wright practiced "organic architecture", where the human construction is intended to fit in with the natural surroundings.
These pictures are from the living room. I was fortunate that on the day I visited they had just changed policy to allow pictures to be taken on the inside of the buildings.
Nice, isn't it. The chairs on the left are called origami chairs.
This is where music is played and art is shown.
This room is sort of cave-like and people can eat while being entertained.

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15 December 1998
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