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This is page 2 of some pictures I took visiting Arizona in December 1998 and features photos from South Mountain Park and a photo from my hotel room. Click on a picture to receive a larger version. Enjoy -- Jim

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I took these pictures from South Mountain Park on the afternoon of December 8th. This is a park and a wilderness preserve of 17,000 acres of the desert mountain terrain around South Mountain, several miles south of downtown Phoenix.
These pictures were taken from a ramada vista area that looks out to the north and west, towards downtown Phoenix.
A field of Cacti.
These pictures are taken from Dobbin's Lookout.
Looking at Phoenix
Some nice sunset photos.
These photos are from the Buena Vista area of the park, at higher elevation. This picture is of the Superstition mountains to the West.
This photo is taken from the room I stayed in at the Radison Resort Scottsdale.
The mountain in the background is South Mountain.

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15 December 1998
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