Jim's Programs

Welcome to my Web page devoted to one of my favorite recreational activities, programming computers. Occasionally I get the urge to program, so I do. Also also end up programming alot at work.

I have written some programs for my research and for classes, but I will focus here on the ones I've written just for the heck of it.

Symantec programs

(nothing here yet, but I am on the team that produces the Symantec Network Security IDS.)

Silicon Defense programs

These are a few of the more notable programs I wrote while working at (now defunct) Silicon Defense.

Security lab programs

(need to fill in details here)

Web Programs

Visualization Tools

(See also my visualization research.)

UNIX Programs

Old Programs

As a kid, I wrote lots of programs in BASIC 2.0 on my Commodore 64. These include:

And Others

These lists are by no means exhaustive.
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