RAID 1999

Here are some photos from the 2nd RAID (Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection) Workshop. This was held September 7th through 9th, 1999 on the campus of Purdue University. Click on a picture to receive a larger, higher quality, version of the picture. Enjoy -- Jim

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Chris Wee arranged these photos, which are in the hallway outside the meeting room.
Me, Mahesh Tripunitara, and Ben Kuperman. I don't know why Mahesh is pointing at me. 8-)
Bob McKosky and Tim Grance, making their requisite phone calls during a break
Various folks, including me, Mahesh, and Becky Bace
Lewis Koch and Chris Wee
Dan Teal and Peter Mell
Phil, Bob "Mac" McKosky, Becky Bace, and Chris Wee
Tim Grance and Chris Wee. Hands against the wall! (Maybe they were caught exporting crypto.)
I took these pictures at lunch on the last day, which we ate at Academic Park on the Purdue Campus.
A few other pictures
This is on the campus of Purdue University, Stewart Center, the main site for the workshop.
This is the interior patio of the University Inn in West Lafayette, IN, where dinner the first night was held.

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17 September 1999

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