Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

Here are some pictures of the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary that I took on May 29, 2000. This is on Humboldt Bay in Arcata, CA where I lived. This is reportedly quite a hot spot for birders (bird watchers). It is also a nice place to walk around. Click on a picture to receive a much larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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There are some nice flowers out here.
Caught a bird in the air.
Looking out towards Humboldt Bay
We hope that this cutie was just sleeping.
Some pretty flowers.
Some pictures of the marshy areas. It was actually pretty dry when we were there.
Franklin Klopp Lake, a shorebird observation and fishing lake on the site.
A interesting shrub.
A dry part of the bay. There used to be a wharf here.
I'm really not sure what kind of birds these are exactly. They have 3 chicks.
Some more of the marsh.
There are a number of smallish birds flying around by these trees.
Some beautiful flowers. We saw the same kind the day before on the hike down to Carruther's Cove.
Some final pictures of the marsh. Scenic, isn't it?
That's all. Hope you enjoyed them and took a closer look at some of them. You are welcome to browse around my other pictures as well.

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3 June 2000

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