The Hoagland Top 10 Lists

This section contains (or will contain) top 10 style lists on the light side. Your submissions or additions are very much welcome.

This is an index of what is contained on this page:

Ten best things about being a Hoagland

  1. There is a Web page devoted to us.
  2. A common Hoagland nickname is the name of a sandwich.
  3. People think we are a Washington Post journalist (or a related to one), so they don't hassle us.
  4. Having a face on Mars.
  5. People think we're UFO experts.
  6. Being able to identify tele-marketers, who mispronounce your name so you can hang up more quickly. [submitted by John Stewart Hoagland]
  7. We get more mail (addressed to Hogland, Hoaglund, etc.) [is this a good thing?]
  8. Fishing with hoagie Hoagland on TNN. [submitted by Greg Hoagland]

Top 10 Hoagland songs

  1. Oh, Hoagland on the Range (Oh, Home on the Range)
  2. I'll be Hoagland for Christmas (I'll be Home for Christmas)
  3. The Sleeping Hoaglander (The Sleeping Highlander (a Scottish jig))
  4. I've got Hoagland and my mind

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