Description is a HFPM module that sets given field(s) or environmental variable(s) to a given value.

Usage {$field=value | field=value | %envvar=value} in the pipeline.

Usage Explanation

Items to be set are indicated arguments in the form dest=val. The destination is indicated in the left hand side of arguments. A '%' prefix indicates the destination is an environmental variable and a '$' prefix means a field destination, which is the default. The right hand side is the value to set the destination to.

Examples afield=one %user=smith
sets the field "afield" to "one" and the environmental variable "user" to "smith". $anotherfield=two
sets the field "anotherfield" to "two".

Other Notes

The current version number is 1.0.

This module should work on any platform with a perl version 5 and CGI FPI implementation.

This module can be used more than once in the pipeline, but no functionality is gained by doing so.

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3 January 1996