Description is a HFPM module that returns a specified URL to the user's client. (Actually it returns a request for the client to load the URL.)

Usage [url] in the pipeline.

Usage Explanation

This module causes the client to load a specified URL. If it is something the client knows how to display (i.e. plain text or HTML), then it will typically be displayed otherwise it will be typically saved to a file.

The URL to be returned is first looked for as the argument on the pipeline then in the field "_returndocurl". If neither of those is set, then the URL is taken to be the last one (as determined from the REFERER_URL environmental variable.) If none of those are available, or the value is "inline", then no output is done.


" http://www," on the pipeline
This causes my home page to be displayed.
"" on the pipeline and "" in the field "_returndocurl"
This causes the HFPM home page to be displayed.
"" on the pipeline and the field "_returndocurl" is not set
This causes the last page to be shown again.

Other Notes

The current version number is 1.0.

This module should work on any platform with a perl version 5 and CGI FPI implementation. and with any client that supports HTTP/1.0

This module shouldn't be used more than once in the pipeline or used with another module that returns something to the user.

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29 January 1996