Gc.pl is a HFPM module that does the same functions as Getcomments version 2.2.

This is provided for backwards compatibility only and should not be used for new efforts.


gc.pl in the pipeline.

Usage Explanation

All the fields are passed to Getcomments and are interpreted the same way. So, having gc.pl on the pipeline and having the form submitted to Pipeline is functionally equivalent to having getcomments.pl be submitted to. The difference is that you can start to use some HFPM's additional functionality but still use Getcomments for some things.

Other Notes

The current version number is 1.0.

This module should work on any platform with a perl version 5 and CGI FPI implementation.

This module shouldn't be used more than once in the pipeline or used to return something to the user with another module that returns something to the user.

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