Description is a HFPM module that appends selected field values and environmental variable values to some given files.

Usage {destination_files} [-v {fld | $fld | %envvar}] in the pipeline.

Usage Explanation

The fields and environmental variables are given as arguments to the program and the non-null ones are appended to the destination files in a particular format. If none are given as arguments, then a whitespace-separated list of arguments are taken from the "_append_vals" field.

A '%' prefix indicates the argument is an environmental variable and a '$' prefix means a form field argument, which is the default. In addition, a field or environmental variable pseudo-name of "all" refers to all fields or environmental variables except those that are null or whose name begins with an underscore ("_").

If no destination files are given as arguments, then the field "_appendfile" is interpreted as a whitespace-separated list of files.


" /usr/www/comments/log.html -vcomments %REFERER_URL" on the pipeline
Appends the comments field and the REFERER_URL environmental variable to "/usr/www/comments/log.html".
"" on the pipeline, "log.txt log2.txt" in the field "_appendfile", "$all _append_vals" in the field "_append_vals", and "/usr/web/comments" in the field "_comment_dir"
Appends all the non-null form fields not beginning with "_" and the form field "_append_vals" to the files "/usr/web/comments/log.txt" and "/usr/web/comments/log2.txt" (unless the files are found in the current directory).

Other Notes

The current version number is 1.0.

The is module should work on any Unix machine.

This module can be used more than once in the pipeline.

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Copyright © by James Hoagland |
30 January 1996