Legal Notices About GetComments

Copyright is copyright © 1994 and 1995 by James Hoagland. All rights reserved, etc. This program uses, copyright © 1993 Steven E. Brenner.


The source code for Getcomments can only be distributed from this site and only by filling out the registration form except with explicit permission from me. If you wish to distribute it to clients or to the general public, let me know and I'll give you the terms. This is so that I can maintain an accurate list of Getcomments users for the purpose of notification of updates, bug fixes, etc.

Forms containing Getcomments control fields can, of course, be distributed freely.


You are free to modify the source code for Getcomments. If you modify the program in any significant way or fix a bug you must let me know and tell me what you changed within a reasonable amount of time. I reserve the right to incorporate the change in later releases of Getcomments.

Other Stuff

No warranty is implied or expressed for this program including suitability for purpose. Void where prohibited. CA residents add sales tax [$0*(0.7)=$0].

Thats it. Sorry for getting so legal-like; I'm just expressing my rights.

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May 31, 1995