Error Handling in Getcomments

Reporting of configuration errors and failures in Getcomments has improved dramatically in version 2.2, largely due to the addition of the "_errorsto" field which allows reporting of errors by e-mail. This makes it easier to track down problems with your forms and even to recognize problems, if you don't have the luxury of constantly monitoring your forms. It is strongly suggested that you use this option.

Errors? What Errors?

The diagnostics produced by Getcomments mostly deal errors in configuration, especially with permissions on files. These problems are noticed by Getcomments as it goes along. Depending on the error, Getcomments might be able to proceed (with some lost functionality) even if there is an error.

I might add a list of errors here someday.

The "_errorsto" Field

_errorsto [new!]
Meaning: The value of this field is the e-mail address to mail configuration errors and failures to.
Applies: Always
Default: not present

The Mailing of Diagnostics

If "_errorsto" is set and an error occurs, a diagnostic message will be e-mailed to you, so look for one in your mailbox. The message will be from whatever user your Web server runs as and have the subject line "Getcomments error". The body of the message will give details on the error and might suggest a course of action.

What If "_errorsto" Isn't Set

If it isn't set and an error occurs, you may or may not see a error message reported on your Web browser.
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